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Rest is very important in one’s life to provide some change to the body .Rest is needed so that the body finds a change from the monotonous routine and recharge itself and get ready for the next day to start working. According to the studies, a normal adult needs about 6-8 hours of sleep and the best time of sleep is from 10pm to 4 am.

Proper rest or sleep is precious so that the body tissues are healed up .Some person gets proper sleep whereas some feels disturbance in their sleep cycle and it’s most commonly found in the cancer patients .Sleep disturbance is normally observed due to the various issues which can be stated as follows:

  • Hectic Schedule: Hectic schedule from the office and the sedentary lifestyle generates stress for us and due to this one feels anxiety and depression and for the one which is diagnosed with cancer their sleep is mostly affected.
  • Tumors Formation: formation of tumor results in itching, fever ,nausea, and pain that disturbs sleep .
  • Side-effects: Due to treatments taken for any disease some of the side-effects are observed and one of them which is mostly observed is insomnia.

Sleep is important during cancer and here it’s why?

  • Melatonin is produced in the brain while we are sleeping and it have antioxidant properties thus preventing damage to cells causing cancer.
  • Improper sleep and rest increase the level of stress hormone secretion and decrease in the count of the natural killer cells which help the human body to fight against cancer.

Measures to have proper sleep for cancer patients:-

  • Reduction of alcohol, tobacco and caffeine consumption.
  • Comfortable mattresses and clothing.
  • The Increase in consumption of water in daytime and reduction at the time of night.
  • Avoidance of junk food.
  • Involving Exercise in your daily routine.
  • Avoiding extra medicine without doctor’s consultation .
  • Keeping mind relax most importantly.

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