Prostate Cancer Treatment in India

Prostate Cancer is one of the most common cancers which are associated with aging men over 50 years. Prostate Cancer will attack you silently and slowly. This can be completely treated if detected on time as there are no signs and symptoms of Prostate Cancer and it is difficult to identify. The best thing which you can do is that you should regularly visit the Prostate Cancer Treatment Hospital in India for screenings after a certain age group to expose cancer on time.


 Available options for Prostate Cancer Treatment in India

The Prostate Cancer Treatment Hospital in India has the following treatment options available to treat your prostate cancer:

  1. a) Hormone therapy: Your surgeon will put you initially on the hormone therapy which will help to fight the cancerous cells in your body. This is the therapy which is performed by highly skilled surgeons at Prostate Cancer Treatment Hospital in India because this therapy will slow the growth of cancer cells but it will not kill the cancer cells, however, it will prevent cancer to spread in your body.
  2. b) Chemotherapy: In chemotherapy, your surgeon will use the different doses of drugs to kill the cancer cells in your body and also prevent further relapse. Your surgeon will give you the chemotherapy if you are failing to respond to the hormone therapy treatment.
  3. c) Cryotherapy: Your surgeon will use an instrument while performing the cryotherapy at Prostate Cancer Treatment Hospital in India to freeze and destroy the abnormal tissues of your body. The men who have diagnosed with an early stage of prostate cancer will be benefited by this therapy. The long-term outcomes for this therapy are unknown because it is effective only in small areas and if the prostate cancer spread outside the gland to treat this cancer the cryosurgery is not used.
  4. d) Robotic Surgery: Robotic surgery is an advanced surgery to remove the prostate cancer in which the robotic arms hold the surgery tools. The advantages of the robotic surgery are very high precision in performing and it will reduce the risks associated with the surgery.
  5. e) Laser Surgery: The surgeons at Prostate Cancer Treatment Hospital in India prefer to perform the laser surgery to treat the prostate cancer because it is minimally invasive surgery. In this procedure, all the work to open the prostate channel made through the penis is done without making any incision on the abdomen. After the laser surgery, you will be able to empty your bladder fully. To treat the prostate cancer with laser surgery also obstruct the prostate tissue is vaporized by the directed laser beam.

Prostate Cancer Treatment Cost in India

The Prostate Cancer Treatment Cost in India is very reasonable if you compare it with other Western countries like the US and the UK. The approximate Prostate Cancer Treatment Cost in India range between USD 1500 to USD 15,000 depending on the drugs and type of Prostate Cancer Treatment in India.

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