Lymphoma Treatment in India


Nowadays most of the blood cancer cases are of lymphoma. This is a type of blood cancer which will affect your immune system and people of any age can be affected by lymphoma. In case you or anyone in your family diagnosed with lymphoma cancer, which is a serious disease, but now you should not worry because today with the advancement in medical science this disease is curable and manageable, if treated on time. According to study, the survival rate of lymphoma patients is significantly high and they can live the long life after Lymphoma Treatment in India.

It is necessary for you to be aware of lymphoma cancer type and you should take timely treatment decisions to get the best outcome of the Lymphoma Treatment in India.

Available options for Lymphoma Cancer Treatment in India

The following are the available treatment options for lymphoma at Lymphoma Cancer Treatment Hospital in India:

  1. a) Chemotherapy: In chemotherapy, your surgeon will use the drugs which kill the cancer cells. Chemotherapy for lymphoma is usually consists of a combination of several drugs. Your surgeon may give you chemotherapy alone or in a combination with radiation therapy.
  2. b) Radiation therapy: It is also popularly known as radio-therapy in which the high-energy rays are used to kill the cancer cells. Your surgeon will give you the Lymphoma Treatment in India with radiation therapy alone or with chemotherapy. Radiation therapy when performed alone is only affects the cancer cells in the treated area. This therapy for Lymphoma Treatment in India comes from a machine which aims the high-energy rays only at a specific body area and there is no radioactivity in your body when the treatment is completed.
  3. c) Surgery: Generally your surgeon performs the surgery to remove a tumor. Tissues which are present around the tumor and nearby lymph nodes may also be removed during the surgical procedure.
  4. d) Biological Therapy: Biological Therapy is a form of Lymphoma Treatment in India in which it will use your body’s immune system directly or indirectly which will help them to fight the cancer that has been caused by some cancer treatments.
  5. e) Bone Marrow Transplantation: This may be also an option for Lymphoma Cancer Treatment in India, especially for those patients whose lymphoma has recurred. Bone Marrow Transplantation provides you with healthy stem cells and will replace your damage or destroy cells by giving you a treatment with very high doses of chemotherapy or radiation therapy.

Lymphoma Cancer Treatment Cost in India

As we all know that the cancer medicines and the procedures like chemotherapy, stem cells etc. are very expensive and the cost of the cancer treatment will mainly depend on the type of procedure, hospital, and city where is it performed as every hospital has its own surgeons, therapies, infrastructure etc. which gives you the correct picture of the Lymphoma Cancer Treatment Cost in India.

One chemotherapy cycle in a private Lymphoma Cancer Treatment Hospital in India will range between USD 2000 to USD 20,000 depending on the type of drugs used to kill the cancer cells.

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