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Lung cancer is very pathetic In reality and when diagnosed it’s really an issue of concern and as far as the studies concerned, lung cancer leads to losing of many lives when compared to other types that includes the breast cancer ,uterus cancer as they can be cured much easily by removal of the organ but this is dangerous .And according to research males are more prone to the lung canc3er as males smokers are  comparatively higher than female smokers.

Now let’s talk about the types of cancer. As people nowadays wants  more variety in each and everything then how come these diseases be of a single type ,They also comes in variety .therefore the variety of lung cancer includes two types and they are:

  1. Non-small cell lung cancer{img}
  2. Small cell lung cancer{img}

Mostly found the type of cancer in the citizens is non-small cell lung cancer and treatments vary according to the type of cancer and stage of cancer. The non-small cell cancer grows very slowly and is found to evolve in the bronchial region of the lungs and can travel to other parts of the body with time as the negativity is said to spread more easily to then positivity similarly the lung cancer also spreads to other parts .

Methods appointed to check Lung Cancer

  • CT Scan(Computed Tomography scan) {img}

It’s used for the detection of lung cancer in earlier stages and is the most effective method as it takes a cross sectional and more descriptive and detailed image of the lungs in which each and every area of the lungs can be seen. A doctor can refer to this to identify if you are suffering from cancer or not.

  • Biopsy {img}

In Biopsy, a small sample of the tissue of the lungs is taken for examination purpose and this sample can be taken by the usage of the tube placed down through your throat by using a needle to pass through it to be used further for determination of lung cancer.

Smoking the culprit of lung cancer

Smoking is the main culprit to make people fall prey to lung cancer .The two types of smoking both active and passive smoking are harmful and passive smoking is even more harmful than active and can cause cancer .While passive smoking if we inhale the cigarette smoke which is tobacco on the regular basis then the carcinogens present in cigarette leads to damage  in the cells and tissue of the lungs and initiates the development of the lung cancer. The high amount of black liquid can be seen from the lungs of the smokers when squeezed and the shape of smoker’s lungs also becomes irregular  over time.

Symptoms of lung cancer

Symptoms of the lung cancer are hardly seen and due to the late visibility of the symptoms lung cancer is identified at later stages making the chances of curing it less. But still few of the symptoms observed includes breathing problems, blood in a cough, sore throat, chest pain or unexplained weight loss. So whenever you or any of your known experiences these symptoms make sure to visit a physician so that if it’s a lung cancer than it could be detected at early stages and cured easily.


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