What is Endometrial Cancer?

Endometrial Cancer is cancer which occurs in the lining of the uterus or the womb and this is one of the most common types of uterine cancer which found in women. After menopause, the unusual bleeding from the vagina is the most common sign of endometrial cancer. This type of cancer can be cured if it is detected in its early stages.

According to study, most of the women above the age of 50 years are affected by endometrial cancer and also the high levels of Estrogen hormone can lead to endometrial cancer. The conditions in which the Estrogen levels increase are high blood pressure, diabetes, and overweight. Hormone replacement therapy is the best Endometrial Cancer Treatment in India with a combination of Estrogen and progestin hormones which is given to the patient.

The lining of the women uterus is protected from Estrogen by using the Progestin hormone whereas the growth of the endometrium is stimulated by Estrogen. If your surgeon is not given the progestin in the hormone replacement therapy, then there are increased chances of the risk of endometrial carcinoma.

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How is the Endometrial Cancer Treatment in India performed?

The Endometrial Cancer Treatment in India is performed by using the following methods:

  1.  Radiation Therapy:Radiation therapy is an Endometrial Cancer Treatment in India where your surgeon will use the high energy beams which is similar as X-rays, to kill cancer cells. Your surgeon will recommend the radiation therapy which helps in reducing your risk of a cancer recurrence after surgery. In some cases, the radiation therapy will be recommended by your doctor before the surgery which will shrink a tumor and make it easier to remove.

Radiation therapy includes the following:

  • Radiation therapy using a machine outside your body is known as external beam radiation. To perform this procedure your surgeon at Endometrial Cancer Treatment Hospital in India will ask you to lie down on a table while a machine directs radiation to the specific points on your body.
  • Internal Radiation therapy is performed by your surgeon where they will place a radiation-filled device, such as small seeds, wires or a cylinder, inside your vagina for a short period of time.
  1.  Chemotherapy:Chemotherapy is an Endometrial Cancer Treatment in India where your surgeon will use the chemicals to kill cancer cells and they will give you the one, or two or more chemotherapy drugs in the form of injections through your veins or in the form of pills. Generally, the surgeons will recommend the Chemotherapy for the women with advanced or recurrent endometrial cancer that has spread beyond her uterus. These drugs enter your bloodstream and then travel through your body, killing cancer cells.
  2.  Surgery:Your surgeon at Endometrial Cancer Treatment Hospital in India will recommend the surgery to remove the uterus of those women who have endometrial cancer. Most of the women with endometrial cancer had undergone a procedure of removal of the uterus as well as to remove the fallopian tubes and ovaries. The removal of the uterus will make it impossible for you to have children in the future and also, once your ovaries are removed, you’ll experience menopause if you haven’t already.

While performing the surgery your surgeon will also look the areas around your uterus to identify the signs where cancer has spread. Your surgeon may also remove lymph nodes for testing.

  1.  Hormone therapy:Hormone therapy is an Endometrial Cancer Treatment in India which involves taking the medications which affect your hormone levels in the body. Your surgeon will recommend the hormone therapy if you have advanced endometrial cancer which has been spread beyond your uterus.

Endometrial Cancer Treatment Cost in India

The Endometrial Cancer Treatment Cost in India is very reasonable when you compare it with other developed countries. However, the cost of the treatment will vary from procedures but it is still very less as compared to other developed countries. India is a country where you will get the best and affordable Endometrial Treatment Hospital in India and this is the reason that most of the international patients visit this hospital for their treatment.

Therapy for Endometrial

Radiation therapy can be used. Sometimes radioactive pellets are placed inside the body near the tumor. This is called brachytherapy or internal radiation therapy. Fatigue, upset stomach, diarrhea and nausea are also common complaints of women having radiation therapy.
Chemotherapy uses anticancer drugs to kill the cancer cells. The drugs are given orally or intravenously. They enter the bloodstream and can travel to all parts of the body to kill cancer cells. Generally, a combination of drugs is given since it is more effective than a single drug in treating cancer. Side effects of this treatment include stomach upset, vomiting, appetite loss, hair loss, mouth or vaginal sores, fatigue, menstrual cycle changes and premature menopause.
Hormonal therapy uses drugs like progesterone that will slow the growth of Endometrial cells. These drugs are usually available as pills. This therapy is usually reserved for women with advanced or recurrent disease.

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