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Let’s start with the basic point of view the majority of human have regarding cancer. Some consider cancer as a man –made disease whereas some consider it as the disease we are born with. So ,till now it has been a debate for a long time whether it’s man-made or not. Most of the organizations ,media ,citizens,doctors have a distinctive opinion over the same .But as far now we can find out the different point of views different organization and citizens hold with them.

According to the studies done by the scientist over Egyptian mummies till now , they haven’t found any evidence of cancer in the past which proves that in earlier times the existence was cancer was not there which can further lead us to conclude that the disease named cancer has evolved over the years indicating the modernization as a factor of the disease.

Moreover, it’s an issue to be paid heed towards as one of the recent survey  results indicates it as complete man made disease indicating various types of pollution and synthetic ripened fruits and vegetable and junk food as the major factors of cancer.

But UK Cancer Research department clearly declines the fact that cancer is 100 % man made the disease. According to the Cancer research Organization of UK, the modern lifestyle and industrialization have a great impact on our health and thus increase the chances of developing cancer but completing agreeing to the point and coming to the conclusion that cancer is 100%  man made disease would be wrong.

Till now it has been off the topic of debate among the various health organizations like WHO and other whether cancer is man-made or modern disease and it’s going to last over a long time in future also .But as the precaution is better than cure thus proper preventive measures should be taken by us to keep cancer at a distance from affecting our health .

At last ,I would like to conclude that don’t blindly follow the claims of others that cancer is man-made or modern but just try to prevent yourself from this bitter disease so that it doesn’t touch you and yours family life.So take preventive measure in all perspective of life to avoid these life-threatening disease.

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