What is Cyberknife? Is it some type of computer virus or some computer program? No, it is not at all related to computer viruses or software. Cyberknife treatment ranks among the latest cancer treatment procedures. It has opened up a new dimension and revolutionary approach in the field of stereotactic radiosurgery for the cure of various types of cancers.

Cyberknife is an all total outpatient and non-invasive treatment procedures in which the tumors are destroyed are radiation. One of the main benefits of the treatment is that there are no side effects and risks of post surgery like other conventional surgical procedures. Radiation can be put to any part of the body every effectively.

Apollo Hospital has introduced this unique treatment of cancer. By introducing this revolutionary robot radiotherapy procedure, the Apollo Hospitals Group has opened a new epoch in the treatment of cancer in South East Asia. The real time image guidance programs and cyber regulated robotics are used in Cyberknife to trigger a particular radiation level which can very effectively kill cancerous cells. The procedure gives sub millimeter correctness with the time period required is just less than a week.

What can the Cyberknife treat?

The Cyberknife Robotic Radiosurgery System is a completely non-invasive technique which serves as an alternative to treat both benign and cancerous tumors in the spine, pancreas, kidney, brain, lung, and liver. Extreme doses of radiation are put into the cancer cells with high degree of precision. More than 50,000 patients have been successfully treated with the Cyberknife technology. There are around 150 CyberKnife systems across the globe.

How CyberKnife treatment works?

The Cyberknife technology comprises two modern technologies:
In the first process, lightweight radiation delivery equipment is inserted on a multi-jointed robotic arm. The robotic arm can easily reach tumors in any part of the body.
The second innovative technique consists of the image guidance system. This allows the CyberKnife therapy to easily track and locate the tumor. The radiation is sent without the use of stereotactic frame.

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Benefits of CyberKnife

In comparison to other conventional invasive surgical methods, CyberKnife consists of minimal amount of complications.

  • Cyberknife reduces the surrounding healthy tissues from getting affected.
  • The procedure involves the treatment of complex tumors which are difficult to operable or are in-operable.
  • Cyberknife is completely non invasive with surgical like results.
  • No skull pins or metal head frames are needed in the CyberKnife procedure like other methods.
  • No recovery time is needed.
  • Very less pain is felt and only mild sedation is administered.

How CyberKnife differs from other radiation ionizing systems available today?

Apart from the benefit where no stereotactic frame is fixed on the patient, Cyberknife also provides relief to patients for holding breath. Cyberknife is able to track, locate and detect the radiation from a number of angles. The technique, by using the latest image guidance cameras and cyber technology is able to overcome the drawbacks of the conventional frame based radio surgery systems like gamma knife and Linac managed X-knife.

What Family and Friends should do?

To know that your near and dear one is suffering from cancer is a terrifying experience. But one should keep a cool head and try to help the patient and the family. One needs to help the patient to fight the disease and lead a normal life with very less discomfort.

What are your responsibilities?

  1. Collect as much details as possible for various treatment options.
  2. 1.You can give lifts or drive the patient or the family members for appointments or to the treatment centers.
  3. Always lend a listening ear and support the patient.
  4. Try to provide whatever help that is needed during the treatment process.

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